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Mackintosh Toffee Bar

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IT'S BACK!! Massive customer requests to Nestle Canada has paid off. Thank you "Bring it Back" campaign. New factory.... same process. MACKINTOSH'S Toffee started over 120 years old. John Mackintosh first opened shop in Halifax, Yorkshire England in 1890. He decided he needed a line of sweets that would be unique to his shop. At that time there was very little in the way of toffee as we know it today. English toffee was mostly hard and brittle. American toffee was very soft, and thus came the idea to blend the two to form a unique toffee. Mackintosh's Toffee was born. MACKINTOSH'S Toffee is made in the old tradition. Simple ingredients like butter and sugar are used and MACKINTOSH'S Toffee has no added flavours or colours (Tip: To make the toffee softer put it in a microwave for a few seconds) Mmmmm.