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  • Canada's Cherry Jam


    Canada's Cherry Jam


    The Canadian Jam tradition is lots of berries with simple ingredients. CANADA'S Pure Cherry Jam is now cooked at a lower temperature. You will taste a flavor even more intense and fresh. You will see a naturally lighter color and more structure to the...

  • Mackintosh Toffee Bar


    Mackintosh Toffee Bar


    IT'S BACK!! Massive customer requests to Nestle Canada has paid off. Thank you "Bring it Back" campaign. New factory.... same process. MACKINTOSH'S Toffee started over 120 years old. John Mackintosh first opened shop in Halifax, Yorkshire England in 1890...

  • Last Mountain Pie Filling

    Last Mountain Berry Farms

    Last Mountain Pie Filling


    One of life's great experiences on the Canadian Prairies is Saskatoon Pie. Saskatoon berries were the first fruit available to the pioneers in the spring so anticipation was high. Memories were made from the fresh Saskatoon pie, hot from the oven and...